Rice Paper – A Traditional Food Ingredient From Vietnam

Rice paper is a product made of paper-like materials from East Asia made from different plants. The traditional paper which originated in ancient China and it has been used for centuries in China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam for writing, artwork, and architecture. The rice paper in Vietnam is called banh trang or bánh đa nem.

1.Rice paper material

The most common ingredients to make Vietnamese rice paper are rice, tapioca flour, water and a little bit of salt. The whole process requires carefulness and skills with help from machine nowadays. The key of good quality is flour processing stage.

2. Rice paper taste

To start with, the taste of Vietnamese rice paper is quite plain, and they do not have any smell either. However, they can be good companion to any other Vietnamese dishes.

3. Food with rice paper

Vietnamese rice paper may look simply. Nevertheless, they are parts of countless Vietnamese dishes, especially the street food snacks which are widely loved by young people.

Rice Paper Rolls with Boiled Eggs

As the main dish, it is used to wrap other ingredients into the roll so that you can enjoy every taste in just one bite. To make the most of them, the paper are usually soaked in water to soften the texture. No matter what diet you have, you can adjust the fillings to make your own roll. The typical fillings include vegetables like lettuce, cucumber, Vietnamese herb, and pickles, meat (pork, beef, chicken, seafood, anything you want!) and rice vermicelli.

Rice Paper Rolls with Prawn or Summer Rolls

Besides, “Chả Giò” – Fried Spring Rolls and “Gỏi Cuốn” – Rice Paper Rolls or Summer Rolls are two typical dishes if you want to try rice paper. Besides that, some popular fillings you might want to taste are “Bánh Xèo” – grilled fish and boiled pork.

Spring Rolls

In short,Vietnamese rice paper has very simple look, but there is an incredible story about how they are made and how significant their roll is in Vietnamese cuisine. It is wonderful that you have a chance to taste the best Vietnamese dish.

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