Datafood is majored in manufaturing Vietnamese traditional food of various kinds and of appropriate quality to exporting market.

With Abundant material sources, proper quality and enhanced technology, Datafood has conducted research on producing authentic Vietnamese food that matches diversed taste of market segments.

Tasty, nutritious, and hygienic are Datafood’s priorities. Furthermore, we also care for customer’s need and suitable price.

Each following product range is carefully selected from materials to close processed manufacture, which ensures the requirement of importing countries.


Rice Products

Products are made from premium rice by modern technology, which retain most of important nutrients.They contain low calories and areappetizing for many dishes.

Vietnam, where rice is grown, is in the top list countries of exporting rice of the world. Due to this fact, DATAFOOD has manufactured a lot of products based on Vietnamese traditional food.

In order to spread the food globally, DATAFOOD has invested to R&D and industrialized Vietnamese traditional food, ensuring hygienic safety as well as transportation, and distribution in any conditions. A lot of products originated from rice, for example, some main products such as Rice Noodlle (PHO), Rice stick noodle, Rice paper, fresh vermicelli, Hue style essential and familiar not only to Vietnamese people living abroad but also those who enjoy Vietnamese food.



Flour Product

From sources of nutritious flour, we create a variety of processed ingredient products to cook delicious food. Convenience and diversified kinds help to serve many dishes.

We understand the need of being-away-from-home Vietnamese. Therefore, we conducted various ways of cooking of locals, which produces appropriate materials for making cake, sweet soup and traditional Vietnamese dishes in the easiest way.

Our products aim at convenience, perfect quality and suitable price, which satisfies by most of clients.


datafood dried products

Dried Products

Special and featured products are always the strength of Vietnamese agricultures products. It is highly recommended for the majority of customers allover the world

All kinds of high nutritious fruit, which is closely examined in order to make healthful dish, is grown in its own nature. 

All sorts of daily spice are selected from the best materials for exporting, which assures high quality and competitive cost.



Cake & Candy

Traditional cakes and candies are selected from many famous regions of Vietnam, meeting the needs of rich and unique real taste.

DATAFOOD keeps searching and improving traditional Vietnamese food to Vietnamese abroad and international customers.

Each product that is specific in the culture of the region is very appealing to diners.



Nuts & Chips

There is a trend towards more natural and healthier products. Hence, nut and chips are selected among the right nutritious ones to export.

Rich-vitamin and unique fruits are chosen and taken nationally in order to produce the best products for exporting.



Drink Products

Variety of drinks meet the needs of diners everywhere. Specialty of each kind to serve customer the best.

Tea and coffee are popular everywhere. In addition, tea and coffee which are specially made by DATAFOOD, are unique. Cocktail and Cocoa, with different taste, are typical products in the world of drink. Furthermore, they are enhanced with updating need of customers.



Sauce & Spcies

The authentic hometown products make Vietnamese residents living abroad delightedly. Vietnamese sauce and spice are also a cultural bridge between Vietnamese people and international friends.

Vietnamese dipping sauce, for instance, fish sauce, is very specific. In details, it is made from the quintessence of fresh anchovy, composted by traditional technology for a long time and purified by modern technology to ensure hygienic safety and the best quality for perfect export.

Some types of spices is a must for Vietnamese people. It is a time-consuming process for us to make these spices appropriate to foreign customers. We are sure that these best-selling spices match the need of importing countries.


Pickled Product Categories

Pickled Products

The delicious hometown food from countryside bring appetite to your daily dishes.

With the help of various natural materials, together with traditional manufacture as well as modern technology, picked products are always Vietnamese-tasty to clients.

One bite try, thousand passion you experience!