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Dried Rice Noodle (for stir fry)

Dried Rice Noodle (for stir fry)

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Product: Rice Noodle (for stir fry)

Weight Net 400 g
Country of Origin Vietnam
Quality Export
Сheck Healthy
Min Weight Order 120 Kg

Rice flour, water, salt.


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- Cook noodles in a good amount of boiling water in a covered pot for ca. 4 minutes. Afterwards, drain off noodles and rinse off with cold water. Let drip-dry well and loosen noodles with chopsticks as needed.
- Alternatively, place noodles in room temperature water in a pot for ca. 30 minutes. Drain off noodles, rinse off with hot water. Let drip-dry for 12 minutes and loosen with chopsticks as needed.